Atlas Toilevator®

For over twenty years, Toilevator® has been the trusted go-to for discretely adding seat height to standard and comfort height toilets.

✦ Adds 3.5” to toilet seat height

✦ Rated for users up to 500lb

✦ Discreet: Blends in with the toilet base

✦ Sanitary!

✦ Easy to install

✦ Kit contains all parts needed for
installation [CLICK HERE TO SEE THE KIT]

✦ Color: Paintable white

“My siblings and mother have been doing things (to) my parents’ home to make life easier for my father who has very limited mobility. (And to make my mother’s life easier as well). My father has very little strength in his legs. This toilet riser is genius! Until now, they’ve been using the plastic elevated riser that sits on the toilet seat itself. It is cumbersome, not very sturdy and difficult to keep clean/sanitary. When we came across this Toilevator, we were all amazed! I immediately ordered it and my brothers installed it. It was simple! No more worries about my father being unstable on the plastic toilet seat. We just purchased another one to put in their second bathroom as well. For height reference purposes, I am 5’1″ and I can still sit on the toilet with my feet touching the ground. That’s about as short as one could be to sit comfortably and have feet still on the floor. Thrilled with this ingenious idea! We’d all highly recommend it! (Especially Mom and Daddy!)”

Easy to Install

Easy to Clean

Durable and Hygenic

Patented and award-winning, Toilevator® is the most hygenic way to elevate your toilet seat. Because it sits under the toilet base and not on top of the seat, the bacteria, unpleasant odors, and special cleaning requirements of seat-mounted toilet risers are avoided. If you demand a solution that is safe, stable, affordable, and sanitary, choose Toilevator!

Atlas Products


Fits toilets where the base is as close as 7” from the wall

Toilevator® Grande

Fits toilets where the center of the soil pipe is as close as 7” to the wall

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