Without the right equipment, the bathroom can be a very perilous part of your home.

It’s emotionally reassuring to be in the environment you know and love. By adding the Hart Mobility range of Kratos grab bars, Titan stability poles, Hercules fixed support and the Atlas toilet riser your all-set to prevent those slips and falls so common in the Bathroom environment.

“I recently acquired a Kratos grab bar for my shower and find it invaluable. At 80, I have health issues and mobility challenges. Having something to hold in the shower provides me with some security and dignity as I can shower myself. The easy to hold handle grip also helps my hands. It is a must-have bathroom safety device or me.”

Shirley Fowler

Kratos Products

Capto Straight

Traditional straight grab bars that mount securely to a flat wall on both ends.

Capto Hinged

Hinged grab bars that configure to any angle you choose or hug inner/outer corners.


Provides hinged convenience, folding neatly out of the way when not in use.


Clamps snugly onto the edge of a tub, no drilling required.


Mounts to the ceiling for drop-down convenience.


The World’s Best Grip is in your reach!

More Independence with SafetyGrip®

Grab, Hold, and Feel the Difference

Easy to Install

Unique flexible mounting with multiple installation options for secure easy access.

Flexible Mounting

Elegant in white or black. Base covers  complete the polished, modern look.

Quick to Clean

Clean quickly with a damp cloth and any household cleaner.


The entire grip is protected by embedded Antimicrobial AlphaSan®


Grip surface will never tear, twist, or peel.

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