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Easy Range 500

The 500 Series is highly modular, adaptive, and truly unique. All metal parts are finished in exclusive coating. This innovative patent-pending product delivers optimum strength by specially affixing to the wall of a bedroom, bathroom, or living room space. This guarantees an inherent strength and maximum safety.

ER500 StandEasy®

Wall Mounted Single Pole System, white.

The StandEasy® provides a solution for adding a safety pole in a room where there are items that prevent adding a floor-to-ceiling pole. The firm, stable Grab & Move pole system limits risk of fall and injury due to prolonged bed rest and extended medical stay, facilitates rehabilitation, increases daily physical mobility and muscle movement. Reduces muscle atrophy, incontinence, and other potential disabilities and is a physical therapy equipment contraption in any clinical or residential setting. May be placed on either side of the bed. Complete with 2 wall tracks, 1 SafetyGrip® pole, and 2 connecting, horizontal arms.


Extra Set of Wall Tracks with Hardware – (Pack of 2)

For those requiring extra wall tracks to mount behind each bed in the facility to allow them to move the Poles from room to room as they require. Featuring a composite steel assembly that includes the wall mount and the horizontal arm. Must be mounted into 2 studs. Compatible for all heights and ceiling nishes. For use with Models 500, 510, 520 & 540.

ER510 StandEasy®

Double Pole System, white.

For those wanting a pole on either side of the bed. Comes with two poles, for extra reinforcement and durability. The ER510 features double rail for extra sturdy support. It offers a solution where floor-to-ceiling poles cannot be mounted. Offers a solution for vaulted ceilings or slanted ceilings. All other features are the same as the EasyRange 500.

ER511 StandEasy® (Extra Pole)

Extra Pole and Arms for StandEasy® System, white.

If you already have an EasyRange 500 Pro and would like to upgrade, adjust, or expand it into an EasyRange 510 Pro Plus, this extra pole allows a facility to later retrofit a single pole to a double pole system anywhere. No need to purchase an EasyRange 510. All other features are the same as the ER500.

ER520 StandEasy®

ER520 StandEasy® Side Wall Mount SafetyGrip® Pole System, white. (Alum. Channels and Adjustable Length Arms)

Conveniently mounted from the sidewall in front of a closet, or
any similar space. Has aluminum wall channels that mount on 3
studs and allows 28 inches of adjustment from side to side and
it has adjustable length arms that can be set at 12 inches or 18
inches from the wall. It features our patent-pending Grip Safe, Grip
Anywhere grip.

ER540 StandEasy®

Rear Wall Mount SafetyGrip® Adjustable Pole System, white. (Aluminum Channels and long fixed length arms)

The long arm version in our wall mounted poles range. The Pro Rear Wall Mount has aluminum wall channels that mount on 3 studs and allows an extra 28 inches of adjustment from side to side. Has extra long fixed length arms, and the pole is 36 inches out from the wall behind the toilet. Ideal for mounting behind a toilet that is located too far away from a corner. Features our patent-pending Grip Safe, Grip Anywhere grip.