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Progress Through Innovation


Hartmobility has been providing innovative solutions through product excellence and unrivaled customer service for over two decades. With an inherent commitment to strive for optimum performance, Hartmobility delivers in exceeding expectation. The development of key institutional partnerships and the ability to listen to customer needs has manifested into a cutting edge product portfolio and design program.

Our Goal


Our goal is quite simple – making life safer for people who face challenges with balance and mobility. Our products make life safer, giving a higher quality of life through independence, freedom and rehabilitation; allowing people to stay in their own homes longer, enhancing their quality of life and extending their life expectancy.

Andy’s Story

This is just the beginning of our journey to create environments through innovation, to greatly enhance the lives of those who use them.

Andy Hart
Founder, Hartmobility

This short but powerful statement encapsulates much of Andy Hart’s journey in founding Hartmobility, an enterprise whose explicit mission is to innovate and transform through design, manufacture and service. The story begins with Andy, originally from Ipswich, England and migrating to Canada, becoming a successful engineer, business owner and family man.

“After the usual initial struggles to succeed, Life was really good. I had three children with my wife. I owned forty percent of my business. Life was great.”

It was at this time, as Andy was enjoying the fruit of his hard labor, tragedy struck and forever changed the course of his life, family and career.

“It’s every parent’s nightmare.” One morning in the Fall of 1998, Hart received a call that his two sons, Julian, 16, and Andrew, 13, were in a terrible car accident.

Andrew made a full recovery within two weeks, but Julian continued with his battle much longer.

During this time, Andy noticed a lack of innovation and inability to find relevant products that would help his son during rehabilitation. He decided to devote more and more of his time to the creation and development of innovative products that enhance the lives of all. During this time Andy began working closely with Sunnybrook – Canada’s premium medical research facility. The Staxi transportation chair was born some seventeen years ago and has since become the transport chair of choice in the Medical and Airport markets throughout the USA and worldwide.

Further product innovation has followed including the M-Rail, Arco-Rail and the Toilavator – all of which have become market leading ADLs.

Today, we have the launch of Easy-Range – the only patent pending Stand and Move system. The Grab-safe system is either wall or ceiling mounted and assists around the bed, chair or bathroom.

According, to Andy “this is just the beginning of our journey to create environments through innovation that greatly enhances the lives of those who use them. Just as I was told many years ago, ‘fall down six times, get up seven.’”