Products Warranty - Hartmobility Inc.

Product(s) are covered by a one-year unlimited parts warranty. This warranty covers against defects in design and workmanship that could arise under normal circumstances. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, extreme use or abuse.

Also not covered in the warranty are theft, vandalism or any defect or deficiency that results from the following:

  • Any alterations; improper storage, handling, use or maintenance; or any extraordinary use of the product(s) by anyone other than Hartmobility Inc.
  • Failure to follow Hartmobility Inc. written instructions.
  • Using or combining the product(s) with parts or accessories, other than those provided or recommended by Hartmobility Inc.
  • Vandalism, any accident, act of nature or any cause external to, and beyond the control of Hartmobility Inc.

Hartmobility Inc. does not assume any liability for damage resulting from improper or faulty installation; services provided by others; misuse or misapplication of the product(s).

This warranty will not cover any loss of use or damages that are caused by exceeding the recommended weight capacity from either a stationary weight or a force, or a total combined weight caused by a stationary weight and applied force together. Exceeding the recommended weight limits voids this and all implied or stated warranties.

Further – Hartmobility Inc. shall not be liable for any damages of any kind whatsoever; or for the costs of any corrective work, or repairs done without Hartmobility Inc.’s. prior written approval.

In any case, the costs of any work approved in writing cannot exceed the purchase price of the product(s).

If you have any questions please contact Customer Care at info@hartmobility.com.

Phone number:
+1-800-998-0774 ext 3

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