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Titan Stability Poles

The risk of falling is a significant concern as we age or undergo rehabilitation. Grab bars are widely recognized as an effective measure to mitigate this risk. However, the placement of grab bars is limited. This is where Titan Stability Poles come in. These safety poles are vertical grab bars that can be installed anywhere with a solid ceiling and a flat floor. These poles provide you with peace of mind and independent mobility wherever you need it – whether it’s by your favorite chair, while operating the grill, or when placing food in the oven.

Walking around your home shouldn’t have to be a risky undertaking. After all, it’s the place where you feel most safe. With Titan Stability Poles, you can rest assured that they’ll give you all the support you need to navigate your home.

Benefits of Security Poles in the Home

A grab pole is ideal for various locations within our home, including the bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. It includes a specially designed grip that enhances comfort and safety for the user. These floor-to-ceiling grab bars serve individuals of various heights. They are designed to help you pull yourself up from a seated position, maintain your stability as you maneuver, and help you move safely to next destination in the room or living space.

These stability transfer poles are ideal for homes and also apartments that will not permit you to install permanent fixtures. These vertical grab bars are easy to install and also uninstall and relocate as needed.

Some important benefits of using vertical transfer bars in the home include:

  • Making it easier to achieve a standing position
  • Preventing slips and falls when attempting to exit the shower or rise from a sitting position
  • Height adjustability
  • Easy installation
  • May be installed in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, or any room with a regular height and non-slanted ceiling.
  • Transportable to any location or room

If you or a loved one needs support when rising up to a standing position or when moving horizontally in a room, then consider the Titan Stability transfer pole from Hartmobility.

Hartmobility’s stability poles feature:

  • Multiple uses, from balance assistance to strength training & stretching
  • Pair perfectly with therapy bands
  • 1.75” diameter at grip
  • Tension-mounted for go-anywhere convenience
  • Allows 360° of unrestricted movement
  • The pole grip area benefits from a full 27 inches of SafetyGrip®
  • Easy one-person installation, tools included
  • Standard and bariatric models rated for users up to 500 pounds
  • Antimicrobial AlphaSan® protection

Accessories available to extend the use of your Titan Pole:

  • Quick and easy-to-install horizontal handrails
  • Therapy band clamps for in-home exercise and stretching
  • Clamps for in-home exercise and stretching
  • Rotobar for added ease in standing or sitting
  • Trapeze support system

Get Titan Stability Poles

Purchase the Titan floor-to-ceiling grab bar right here online. Or, if you have any questions about the Titan stability poles we offer, give us a call today at 800.998.0774 or complete contact form and leave us a message.

Product Details

Titan Stability Poles
Titan Stability Poles


In any situation where you need to transition, whether it be from a couch, an armchair, or a mattress, Titan Poles are the perfect solution, offering all the sturdiness and strength you need.

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Transfer Poles
Transfer Links
Transfer Poles

Transfer Links

A transfer pole is a type of grab bar that extends from the floor to the ceiling. These poles provide support for individuals who are standing, sitting, or moving between these positions. They are effective safety devices that help prevent slips and falls in various areas of the home, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Transfer links are horizontal grab bars that connect to these transfer poles. If you’re trying to get from one place to another, say, from the dining room to the sitting room, Titan Poles, with matching Titan Links, are the perfect choice for you.

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Titan Therapy Accessories
Titan Therapy Accessories


Exercise is medicine. Staying independent is a big priority for the elderly or those undergoing rehabilitation, and as you move into your golden years, it might become harder to exercise. However, that doesn’t reduce its importance. Luckily, there’s a way to stay fit while avoiding risks such as falling over, too much strain, and loss of balance: Hartmobility Accessories. 

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Where can Titan stability poles be installed within a home?

Titan stability poles can be installed anywhere in the home where there is a solid ceiling and a flat floor. This means that they can be placed in multiple places around the home where extra support may be needed, such as by the stove or next to the couch.

How do Titan stability poles contribute to fall prevention and home safety?

Titan stability poles offer support for individuals with mobility issues as they move through their homes. They have solid grips, keeping individuals from falling while performing actions such as bending over, sitting down, or stepping in and out of the shower.

What are Titan stability poles, and how do they differ from traditional grab bars?

Titan stability poles are vertical grip poles that can be installed anywhere in a home where there is a solid ceiling and flat floor. This makes them much more versatile than most traditional grab bars.

Can these stability poles be used in apartments that don't allow permanent fixtures?

Yes, Titan stability poles are an ideal choice for apartments that do not allow permanent fixtures. This is because they are not screwed in. They can easily be taken down and moved to another spot, and the height adjusted to accommodate accordingly.

What is the specially designed grip on the Titan stability poles, and how does it enhance safety?

Titan stability poles utilize SafetyGrip, which is a technology specifically designed to provide the most secure, comfortable, and solid grip from any angle. It is nonslip, making it dependable when grabbed with wet hands.