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Bathroom Grab Bars For Elderly

Grab Bars and Safety Rails for Fall Prevention

The bathroom is statistically proven to be the most hazardous room in the house. While grab bars serve a crucial role beyond just the bathroom, they provide the best means to mitigate the risk of falls in this space. Our bathroom grab bars and safety handrails, featuring a stainless steel substrate for rust prevention and the added reassurance of SafetyGrip® grips, offer the necessary security to prevent slips in the shower, assist in entering or exiting the tub, provide support near the toilet, or offer a reliable hand-hold at the sink to assist with fall prevention and help to avoid accidents.


If you are facing challenges with your balance and need assistance with standing, sitting, or remaining upright, the SafetyGrip® Grab Bars from Hartmobility provide you with a comfortable, sturdy grip right where you need it. These bathroom Grab Bars offer a configurable installation combined with SafetyGrip® technology that increases your safety.

The Hartmobility grab bars are ideal when you need something secure to hold onto in the shower or while getting in or out of the shower. The shower floor itself is quite slippery at times, and pose a fall risk for those who have some challenges moving around. The Shower grab bars are the perfect solution for confidence and support. The Patented SafetyGrip adds additional grip with wet hands that is unique to the Hart Mobility products.


The Hartmobility hinged bars are ideal when you need something secure to hold onto while getting in or out of the bath. Entering and exiting a bath itself can pose a fall risk for those who have some challenges moving around. These hinged grab bars are the perfect solution, giving you plenty of options to grab at different heights to allow standing or sitting with support so you can maintain your balance and stability, even with wet hands.


Whenever you sit down or stand up from the toilet, folding grab bars can give you the confidence you need for safe mobility. The fold-up design of these bathroom grab bars for the elderly and other persons with physical limitations includes a SafetyGrip® textured surface, allowing you to function independently as you go about your business in the bathroom.

The features and benefits of these folding-style grab bars include:

  • Folding support arm that can flip up when not in use
  • The ability to mount on either side or both sides of the toilet
  • Offset rail designed to lessen strain on the wrist
  • Completely rustproof design
  • Protection against microbes via AlphaSan®


The bath-mounted handgrip by Hartmobility allow you to perform the normal activities of getting into or out of the tub with confidence and support. The various features and benefits of these bathtub grab bars for elderly or otherwise physically challenged individuals include

The design of the Bath hand grip provides stability for those requiring assistance with entering and exiting the tub. The SafetyGrip adds additional assistance in grip strength with wet hands. 

The Bath Hand Grip Rail includes:

  • Rustproof
  • Integrated with our patented SafetyGrip® 
  • Antimicrobial AlphaSan® protection
  • Completely adjustable to accommodate most bathtubs
  • Highly durable, tub-mounted grab bar

A Summary of Hartmobility Grab Bar Features and Benefits

  • Patented SafetyGrip® for a secure hold, even with wet hands
  • Rated for users up to 350 pounds
  • Affordable and configurable
  • Aesthetic design
  • Custom Installation options
  • Fully rust-proof
  • Antimicrobial AlphaSan® protection

For toilet grab bars or grab bars for other bathroom areas, we have you covered with our grab bar selection.

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Shower Grab Bars
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Shower Grab Bars

Straight Grab Bars

If you’re having trouble staying upright or balancing, or need assistance standing or sitting, Hartmobility’s shower grab bars and safety handrails are here for you, providing a sturdy, safe, and comfortable grip. The combination of SafetyGrip® technology and configurable installation options puts increased security and confidence literally at your fingertips.

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Once the water is on, it’s always a bit of a hassle to find just the right spot where it isn’t too hot or too cold. However, if it’s hard for you to move around, let alone on the slippery shower floor, trying to avoid the first rush of wrong-temperature water can be a bit risky. Luckily, Hartmobility offers Hinged Grab Bars, innovative install-anywhere grab bars that give lots of options for where to hold on.

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Bathroom Hand Grab Bars

Folding Grab Bars

The bathroom can be a treacherous area in the house for many people who are extra susceptible to slipping and falling. There are various hazards in bathroom spaces, such as wet and slippery surfaces, challenging bath and shower entrances, and low toilets. Mobility reduction can come from many things: natural aging, impairment, recent surgery, etc. Sitting and standing can impact blood pressure, affecting blood flow to the brain, causing dizziness and a reduction of stability. If you or a loved one requires extra support to maneuver safely on and off the toilet, the folding toilet grab bars we offer are designed to enable more confident mobility, stability, and enhanced safety.

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Bath Hand Grips

Crafted to empower you, ensuring your independence while getting in or out of the tub, Hartmobility’s bath-mounted handrail is a true lifesaver when it comes to safely maintaining normal life activities as we age. These bathtub hand grips provide you with a reliable and safe place to hold when you need to maintain your balance and stability in or near the bathtub.

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