How to Use a Toilet Seat Riser

Toilet Seat Riser With Handles

A toilet seat riser is an innovative accessory designed to improve the comfort and safety of individuals who require assistance when sitting down and standing up from a toilet. Among the various options available in the market, you can choose to replace your existing toilet with a new comfort-height model, install a conventional toilet seat riser, or opt for the Toilevator® toilet riser, available through Hartmobility.

The Toilevator® & Toilevator® Grande, as opposed to traditional toilet seat risers, are installed at the base of the toilet  so they do not come into contact with the user, making them a more hygienic and discrete option.

Upgrading to the Toilevator®

Enhancing your toilet with a riser such as the Toilevator® involves elevating the entire toilet for better accessibility. To installation process involves simply shutting off the water, dismantling some toilet parts, installing a unique base beneath the toilet, and then reassembling everything. This straightforward upgrade doesn’t change your toilet’s functionality; it merely enhances its user-friendliness, particularly when sitting down and standing up.

The Toilevator®: Providing Superior Functionality and Comfort

The Toilevator® features a patented design that elevates a toilet seat while maintaining high hygiene standards. As an ADA-compliant solution, Toilevator® toilet risers are particularly beneficial for individuals struggling with standard-height toilets. If physical challenges impede comfortable sitting and rising from a standard seat, the Toilevator® allows you to use the original toilet seat, as it raises the base of the toilet by 3½ inches upon installation.

The Toilevator® offers heightened comfort and accessibility with its elevated design. This toilet seat riser boasts a sturdy 500-pound capacity and unique base installation, distinguishing it from other risers. By raising the toilet, the Toilevator® ensures superior stability and support compared to conventional plastic seat raisers. Its discreet design seamlessly integrates with the toilet base and can be painted to match existing decor. Simple to install, it accommodates most elongated and round toilets, maintaining a minimum 7-inch distance from the wall.

The Toilevator® fits most standard toilet bases, and the Toilevator® Grande – which functions identically to the Toilevator® – is designed for larger toilet bases.

Buy the Toilevator® or the Toilevator® Grande online today. If you have questions about the Toilevator® toilet riser or our other mobility products, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800.998.0774 or through our website contact form.

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