Author: Lee Hancox

The Benefits of Installing Bed Rails

Individuals both young and old can face issues involving diminished strength, imbalance, injuries, or other challenges that make it difficult to get in and out of bed or reposition comfortably. Bed grab bars, also known as bed rails, are typically positioned on the sides of the bed, acting as support grips to help individuals move up and down safely. At Hartmobility, we offer bed rails designed with SafetyGrip® for the most secure hold, which is crucial in providing stability and confidence for those with mobility issues.

Key Bed Rail Installation Benefits

Installing bed rails offers multiple advantages, particularly in enhancing safety and independence. For seniors and others with mobility issues, bed rails significantly reduce the risk of falling when getting in or out of bed. Falling can lead to significant injuries, especially for those with osteoporosis. This safety feature is vital for maintaining health and preventing potential fractures. 

Beyond safety, bed rails also contribute to comfort and ease of caregiving. They offer a sense of security and independence, helping disoriented or anxious individuals feel more relaxed, which can improve sleep quality. For caregivers, bed rails simplify the task of assisting with bed mobility, reducing injury risk for both the caregiver and the individual receiving care.

Hartmobility Bed Rails 

Hartmobility’s bed rails provide superior safety and comfort because of their patented SafetyGrip® technology. Furthermore, each bed rail model complies with the CPSC’s mandatory safety standard for adult portable bed rails. 

Elegantly designed to cater to the needs of seniors, those recovering from injuries, and post-surgery patients, Hartmobility’s SafetyGrip® bed rails stand out for their versatility, user-friendly installation, and cost-effectiveness.

Our MoveEasy® models are enhanced with antimicrobial AlphaSan® protection and crafted from durable powder-coated steel to ensure longevity and easy cleaning. Our M-Rail® Bedside Rail provides a soft-touch grip and comfort design to make everyday routines easier. Prioritize the safety and well-being of your loved ones today by integrating bed rails into their bedtime routine. Visit our online shop to purchase Hartmobility bed grab bars. If you have any questions regarding the bed rail assist products we offer, please call us today at 800.998.0774 or send us a message using our contact form.

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