Crafted to empower you, ensuring your independence while getting in or out of the tub, Hartmobility’s bath-mounted handrail is a true lifesaver when it comes to safely maintaining normal life activities as we age. These bathtub hand grips provide you with a reliable and safe place to hold when you need to maintain your balance and stability in or near the bathtub.

Benefits of Bathtub Hand Grips

Individuals with balance, grip, or strength issues are at risk in a wet bathroom and often lack confidence as they maneuver in certain situations. This is particularly true if they have fallen down in the past due to some form of vertigo or physical weakness. Lack of stability is likely to result in a fall if certain measures are not taken, such as the installation of grab bars in key locations in particular areas of the home, such as in the shower, bath, near the toilet, and other areas. Seniors and those with physical limitations can gain comfort and stability as they use or enter and leave the bathtub area with easy access to grab bars in these locations.

Even persons who do not have particular physical limitations or mobility concerns can benefit from grab bars. Slippery floors can cause almost anyone to lose footing, slide, or fall. It only takes one unfortunate fall that can lead to serious injury. Installing hand grips and grab bars for bathtub and shower areas can help prevent these tragic occurrences. With sturdy and reliable grab bars installed, seniors and others who live at home by themselves can have greater confidence when entering and using the bathroom.

Grab bars placed in strategic locations can enhance the ability of seniors to live independently and perform daily tasks that many take for granted, such as taking a bath or shower and using other features of the bathroom.

A Hartmobility bath hand grip installed on a bathtub can offer greater confidence and support in entering and exiting a bath. It is also designed to assist with sitting and lying in the tub, and the patented SafetyGrip® gives a unique additional advantage to grip strength with wet hands.

Summary of Features and Benefits of Bathtub Hand Grips:

  • Protected by antimicrobial AlphaSan®
  • Fully adjustable to suit most bathtubs
  • Equipped with our patented SafetyGrip® integration
  • The most solid and substantial tub-mounted grab bar available, bar none
  • Rust-proof
  • SImple and easy to use

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Bathroom Grab Bars

Length Weight Capacity Available Colors Product Code
12″ 350lb White KPSG780

Length: 12″

Weight Capacity:  350lb

Available Colors: White

Product Code: KPSG780

Product Information

SG780 Bath Hand Grip