Hypnos Bed Rails

Rest easy with the peace of mind that comes from a Hypnos bed rail.

Our innovative bedside handles (bed rails) allow you to comfortably and safely reposition in bed, and transfer into and out of bed.

✦ End-to-end SafetyGrip® for the most secure hold or the soft-touch Grip of the Original M-Rail

✦ Rated for users up to 300lb

Dignified unassisted entry and exit from your bed

✦ Affordable, configurable, attractive

✦ Easy installation

“ After three different bedrails ordered from Amazon fell apart, my daughter-in-law brought me a Hypnos Morpheus. All I can say is, my son is a smart man for marrying her! I’m a big guy, and this Morpheus is the first bedrail I’ve found that is solid enough to handle me. Plus, the grip on it helps me hold on firmly as I get out of bed and as I reposition myself during the night.”

Bob Ivey

“I have used the M-Rail for many years and it provides me with security and independence. After my Quadruple bypass surgery and stroke a few years later I have limited arm strength making the M-Rail a must-have regardless of where I travel as it easily connects to the bed. I am unable to get out of bed without it.”

Shirley Fowler

Hypnos Products


Height-adjustable double-bar system with SafetyGrip®.


The original M-Rail® that has been trusted by users for over 20 years. Great for travel!


A favorite for over twenty years. The two loop rail allows maximum flexibility in hand placement.

The World’s Best Grip is in your reach!

More Independence with SafetyGrip®

Grab, Hold, and Feel the Difference


Strong 1010 steel construction that mounts solidly to the bed. Won’t bend, twist, or break under normal use.


Available in a variety of styles and colors.

Quick to Clean

Clean quickly with a damp cloth and any household cleaner.


All touch-surfaces are protected by embedded antimicrobial AlphaSan®


Constructed of 1010 steel for worry-free long-term use. SafetyGrip surface will never tear, twist, or peel.

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