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M-Rail® Bedside Rail

Product Code: MR400N

Discover the all-new M-Rail® Bed Rail from Hartmobility, a leader in bedroom safety for over 20 years. This new version of a long-time customer favorite features a simplified installation process, fits any bed base, and meets the strictest safety standards, including the latest Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines. Rigorously tested and GCC certified, the M-Rail® is built to last with robust construction and a soft-grip neoprene handle.


M-Rails by Hartmobility fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, assisting with sitting up, repositioning, and safely getting in and out of bed.  The all-new design accommodates mattress sizes from 6” to 16” thick and is compatible with all bed widths from single to king. Whether you have a platform bed, a pocket bed, or a traditional box spring base, the M-Rail® is designed to support your independence while enhancing safety and comfort in your daily life.  Don’t just buy any M-Rail, buy the best from Hartmobility!


NEVER use product without properly securing it to bed. Incorrect installation can allow product to move away from mattress, bed frame and/or head or footboards, which can lead to entrapment and death.

Included safety straps must be properly secured. See instructions for proper use of the straps. This product is under the jurisdiction of the CPSC; to report problems or injuries, go to or call 1-800-638-2772

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Only use with 6″ to 16″ Mattresses.

If product is installed incorrectly or moves from its initial position, gaps can occur, which can entrap and kill. People with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other neurological conditions, or those who are sedated, confused, or frail, are at increased risk of entrapment, suffocation and strangulation.

  • NEVER use unless product is tight against mattress without gaps, and at least 121⁄2″ from headboard and footboard.
  • NEVER use with children.
  • NEVER use on toddler, bunk, water, or inflatable beds, or on beds with mattress toppers or soft compressible pads.

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