What Is a Toilet Riser and Where Can I Buy One?

Grab Bars for Toilet

A toilet seat riser is a unique accessory or piece of equipment designed to enhance the mobility and safety of individuals who need assistance sitting down on and rising up from the toilet seat. The various toilet riser options on the market include replacing your current toilet with a brand-new comfort height toilet, installing a traditional toilet seat riser, and/or installing the Toilevator toilet riser, which we offer at Hartmobility.

Traditional toilet risers attach to the top of the toilet seat, effectively raising the height at which the user sits on the toilet. However, these seats require routine removal for cleaning and sanitation. They can also be dangerous, as toilet-top risers are prone to sliding/slipping, which can result in fall.  An alternative is to install a brand-new comfort height toilet, which can be complicated and pricey.

Alone or with either of the solutions listed above, the Toilevator is an easy, hygienic, and safe way to add 3.5” to the height of your toilet.  Installed at the base of a standard toilet, Toilevator is an inconspicuous and  cost effective way to get the seat height that you need.

The Toilevator

As opposed to the other options mentioned for raising a toilet seat, the Toilevator elevates a toilet seat through its unique patented design, which is also highly hygienic. As an ADA-compliant device, the Toilevator is ideal for individuals who have a hard time managing with regular height toilets. If you have physical challenges that hinder you from sitting comfortably and rising comfortably from a standard height toilet seat, this device allows you to sit on the original toilet seat, with its installation having raised the entire toilet 3-1/2 inches.

Hygienic Option

The Toilevator toilet seat riser is highly hygienic. It enables the user to continue using the original toilet seat as opposed to a traditional elevated toilet riser that requires regular removal for cleaning and sanitation, not to mention the visible sign of reduced mobility that is a toilet seat riser.

Easy Installation

The Toilevator provides for an easy installation with its single piece design which installs snugly beneath the base of an existing toilet which has a standard 14-inch or 15-inch round or elongated base.

The Atlas Toilevator we offer at Hartmobility is your dependable and durable solution for raising your toilet seat and enhancing your safety and comfort in the bathroom. Used alone or in tandem with other height-increasing equipment, the Toilevator is an important part of your accessible bathroom.

Buy the Toilevator Toilet riser online. Or, if you have any questions about the Atlas Toilevator we offer, give us a call today at 800.998.0774 or reach us with a message through our contact form.

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