Bathtub Grab Bars: Preventing Falls in the Tub

Bathtub Grab Bars For Seniors

The bathroom is a high-risk area for slips, falls, and accidents, particularly when dealing with the slippery surfaces of bathtubs. However, with appropriate support from bathtub grab bars, those who require mobility and/or stability assistance can preserve their independence while prioritizing safety. At Hartmobility, we recognize the significance of offering dependable solutions for individuals facing mobility challenges.

Bathtub Grab Bars: Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe

Grab bars for bathtub spaces play a crucial role in preventing slips and falls by providing sturdy support for individuals entering or exiting the tub. In free-standing or sunken tub varieties, where built-in grab bars may be absent, the nearby installation of SafetyGrip® bathtub grab bars guarantees balance and stability during transitions. For walk-in showers and bathtubs, strategically placing grab bars near shower seats and on side walls aids users in effectively maintaining their balance.

Features and Benefits of SafetyGrip® Bathtub Grab Bars

SafetyGrip® bathtub grab bars are shielded by antimicrobial AlphaSan,® providing a hygienic solution that inhibits bacterial growth. They are fully adjustable to accommodate most bathtubs, guaranteeing versatility and straightforward installation. With our patented SafetyGrip® surface texture, these grab bars offer a secure grip that works effectively in wet conditions. Constructed with rust-proof materials, they provide durability and lasting reliability, eliminating concerns about the safety of loved ones while using the bathtub.

At Hartmobility, we know that independence and safety are paramount for our customers. Our SafetyGrip® grab bars for bathtub spaces are carefully crafted to meet stringent standards of quality and dependability, rendering them an optimal selection for improving bathroom safety.

Order SafetyGrip® bathtub grab bars online today to safeguard the independence and safety of your loved ones. For additional details regarding the SafetyGrip® bathtub grab bars we provide, call us today at 800.998.0774, or reach out via our contact form. Let’s collaborate to create a safer environment in your bathroom!

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