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Adjustable Grab Bars with SafetyGrip®

Hartmobility’s SafetyGrip® Grab Bars, with Corner and Angle Adjustable options are protected by AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology. They adapt seamlessly to any environment for optimal safety and aesthetics. The Wall Adjustable Angle grab bar is two hinged 24” sections of SafetyGrip that mount at any angle along the walls, from 0 to 90 to suit your requirements. The Corner Adjustable Angle grab bar perfectly fits to inside or outside corners and provides 24” of SafetyGrip® grab bar on each wall.


The Corner Grab Bar and the Angle Adjustable Grab Bar are crafted from rust-proof stainless steel with Hartmobility’s patented interlocking SafetyGrip® and protected by AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology, our adjustable grab bars ensure lasting durability and hygiene in even the most humid conditions. The adjustable attachment plates offer infinite positioning options, allowing you to achieve the perfect look and fit for your needs.

Hartmobility’s SafetyGrip® Angle Adjustable Grab Bars are not just practical—they are a stylish addition to any age-friendly home, ensuring safety without compromising aesthetics. Choose SafetyGrip® for a safer, more stylish living space.

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