What Are Bed Rails and Where Can I Buy Them?

Bed Rails For Seniors

Individuals entering their senior years can often experience reduced balance, strength, and flexibility, making it a greater challenge to reposition when in bed and also get in and out of bed on their own. Bed grab bars (or bed rails) are typically installed on the sides of the bed and. These bed rails provide important security, maneuverability, and stability for the elderly, those recovering from injury, and those with mobility issues.

At Hartmobility, we offer Hypnos bed rails that provide exceptional safety and comfort, featuring the patented SafetyGrip® technology. In addition, each of our bed rail models adheres to the bed rail safety recommendations provided by the CPSC.

Bed Rails Provide Independence

Another advantage of installing grab bars for the bed is the independence they provide individuals when they want to get out of bed or get into bed without depending on the assistance of others.  Perhaps more importantly, bedside grab bars provide a handhold for users to steady themselves after leaving bed, while their blood pressure and heart rate stabilize before taking steps.

Bed Rails Help Reposition in Bed

Bed grab bars also help individuals with limited mobility to reposition while in bed. These bed rails give individuals something to hold while changing positions in bed, whether that means turning over, sitting up, or lying down from a sitting position. They give the individual a safer way to make these adjustments without help.

Whether you need a bed rail assist for seniors, during rehabilitation, or for an otherwise physically challenged individual, the Hypnos bedside grabbars we offer are an ideal choice for helping to ensure the safety of your loved one.

Buy Hypnos grab bars for the bed right now online. Or, if you have any questions about the Hypnos bed rails we offer, give us a call today at 800.998.0774 or drop us a message through our contact form.

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