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Titan Balance Assist Pole with SafetyGrip®

Product Code: SG600

Experience all the support and fall prevention safety of a grab bar, even when there is no wall nearby! Compression mounted between the floor and ceiling, a Titan Pole can be placed anywhere that extra support and stability is needed to protect against slips or falls during position changes – next to your bed, by your favorite chair, next to the toilet or bath, or beside the kitchen island. The possibilities are truly limitless!

Ceiling Height Range: 6’9″ – 8’3″.
For higher ceilings use our SG604 Height Adjustment Kit.

From $277.00

The Titan Pole is a versatile, go-anywhere alternative to wall-mounted grab bars. It’s specially designed ceiling disc allows for straightforward installation in any area with a solid ceiling and level floor—no need for screws, fasteners, or ladders. No other stability pole offers this flexibility. It’s the ultimate in ease when equipping the age-friendly home.

To further aid in fall prevention and stability during transitions, Titan Poles feature a generous 27” of SafetyGrip®, a patented end-to-end interlocking grip that comfortably conforms to your hand for the most secure and slip resistant grip.

Protected with AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology, the Titan Pole is safe and hygienic. Capable of assisting those weighing up to 350lbs, a Titan pole makes any transition safer and more stable. Make your home a safer place with the Titan Pole—where advanced fall prevention meets ease and convenience.

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