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TitanHD Balance Assist Pole with SafetyGrip®

Product Code: SG650

The TitanHD heavy duty pole is designed for users up to 500 lbs. It features our patented SafetyGrip® and is protected with AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology.

Ceiling Height Range: 6’9″ – 8’3″.
For higher ceilings use our SG604 Height Adjustment Kit.

From $385.00

The TitanHD with SafetyGrip® balance assist pole is the ideal solution for anyone requiring more robust support. This stronger pole with a ceiling channel is designed for heavy-duty use and a heavier load and is manufactured with thicker material to support heavy use and higher weight capacities (up to 500 lbs). The TitanHD ceiling channel offers you the option of a permanent fixture in your ceiling for peace of mind. For added confidence and convenience, add a Roto Bar rotating handle.

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